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Pawlet, Rupert, Wells and their satellite hamlets is what we fondly refer to as the Mettowee Valley.

Most of the tourism happens about 15 miles southeast towards Manchester . This is first and foremost a farming community, but sprinkle in a few tourists, some bicyclists and you have one of the most alluring places in Vermont.  The soil here is sweet and perfect for farming thanks to the underlying marble and limestone from the Taconic Mountain Range.

The Mettowee River runs through the valley along side rows of trees, big fields of hay and dairy farms creating scenic vistas that dreams
are made of.

You can visit the general store in the morning but you won’t be alone….it seems to be the likely gathering place;  so be prepared for a friendly “hello” as you sip your morning coffee.

Obviously you don’t have to farm to live here…if you’re looking for wide open spaces, good trout fishing or looking to connect with a strong arts community, the Valley might be just the place.

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